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I don't expect anyone to follow this blog, but in case someone stumbles upon it, I'll explain why I created it.

Before the Web, many individuals, including myself, speculated about the decimal reform of time, mostly in isolation from each other and from a wider audience. The early days of the Web saw many of these individuals posting their ideas online. Many of them were different from each other, while some shared similarities. I determined to make a survey of all of them, and to provide a forum for the proponents to interact. Alas, I was almost too late. Most of the existing sites were already stagnant, their authors having moved on to other interests, and with these sites already existing, and then with my own comprehensive site and later with Wikipedia, it seems that speculation was stifled by the glut of information on the subject.

My site never had more than a handful of followers, and eventually it was mostly me, talking to myself. When my site went down unexpectedly, I decided to simply let it go. I have not thought about it much since then, but recently I have come across a few things that I would have posted about on my forum, and I thought, why not just blog it?

So here is a place I will post occasional things about decimal time, or anything else that crosses my mind.

MJD 55167.0

[I've imported posts from an earlier version of this blog from 2008, which were "off-topic" for the old Decimal Time board.]

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