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To the right you can now view the "current decimal time", which I will explain.

The local decimal time is in French Revolution format, with ten decimal hours per day, one hundred minutes per hour and one hundred seconds per minute, counting from local midnight.  Unlike the French revolutionaries, I made the midnight hour be 0 instead of 10.

MJD is the Modified Julian Date, in which the digits left of the decimal are a count of days, and the digits to the right are the time expressed as a fractional day counted from midnight GMT/UTC.  Thus, .98765 is the same as 9hd 87md 65sd GMT.

Swatch counts 1000 .beats per day, from midnight at their HQ in Switzerland, which is one hour ahead of GMT.  Thus, @987 is the same as 9hd 87md Central European Time.

MJD 55174.3

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