French Republican Date

I have posted the current republican date at the top of this blog, according to the original equinoctial rule, although for the current year this is the same as both Brumaire and Romme. minutes ahead of GMT.

The first part is the weekday, there being ten days in the week, or décade.  The following number is the day of month, 1-30.  Then is the month name.  The five or six complementary days at the end of the year in September are treated as a thirteen month.  "An" is the French word for year, and is followed by the year of the Republican Era, in Roman numerals; year 218 (CCXVIII) started in 2009.  The "à" is a French preposition which precedes the time, which is given in decimal hours (hd) and decimal minutes (md).  Midnight is 10 hd.  The initials t.m.P. stands for temps moyen de Paris, or Paris mean time, which is 6.5 decimal minutes (561 standard seconds) ahead of GMT.  The date may be off a day from your local time, depending on whether it is before or after midnight in Paris.

Octidi 18 Nivôse an CCXVIII à 10hd 95md t.m.P.
MJD 55203.0

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