Wither Swatch .beats?

Apparently Swatch no longer sells .beat watches.  These were the only mass-produced watches with decimal time.  Fortunately, they are still available on eBay, where I bought one a few years ago.  I stopped wearing it when the band broke; I'm not much for wristwatches anyway, and I use my mobile for the time, like most people now.  Now the battery is dying, so the display is blinking and the light does not come on, but it still works, for the moment.
I do not like so-called Biel Mean Time, which is actually Central European (Winter) Time or British Summer Time.  Swatch starts counting .beats from midnight in Switzerland, which is one hour ahead of GMT/UTC, and eight or nine hours of my local time.  However, you do not have to use BMT on a Swatch .beat watch!  You can set your .beats to any timezone.  So if it's midnight where you live, your .beat watch can display @000.  This corresponds to the time in Excel serial dates, such as 40202.0000000.  Or you can set @000 to midnight UT so that it corresponds to Modified Julian Dates, such as 55220.000, or set @000 to noon UT like original Julian Dates, such as 2455221.000.  Or you can treat the .beats as decimal minutes, so @000 is the same as 0.00 or 0h00 or however you prefer to write it.

It's a shame that Swatch no longer makes .beat watches, but they still use .beats on their website, so perhaps they will bring them back in the future.  Basically, .beats are a feature of their digital watches, so since digital watches are out of fashion, so are .beats, but at least it's possible that they will return in the future.  It's also possible that wristwatches will go the way of pocket watches.

MJD 55220.269


  1. Hi very keen to buy a decimal wristwatch that is NOT digital. The only ones i can find online are over 1000 euros!

    Any suggestions?

  2. http://www.chansondavid.com/?id=1027&lang=en

    That seems to be a much more affordable option.

  3. Is this option a 2x10 hour version? It seems it might be a 20 hour day as opposed to a 10 hour day.

  4. I did not see that this comment was awaiting approval. To answer, the link given by Thjodbjorn says that it is 2x10.