Star Trek: The Exhibition

Today we went to Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Tech Museum in San Jose.   My captain is more interested in the later series, especially Voyager, while her first officer prefers the earlier shows.  We sat in the captain's chair and stood on the transporter pad while watching ourselves dissolve on the monitor.  I saw several different PADDs there, from various centuries, and noted their resemblance to the new iPad, and the smaller ones resembled the iPhone I carried with me.  The communicators reminded me of flip phones, although in function they are more like satellite phones.  And scattered around the exhibit were LARS displays, including an entire corridor, but no matter how much I tapped the screens, I got no response from the ship's computer.  Nor did the jelly beans on the TOS bridge do anything.  Oh, well.  There was also a large display of a timeline, with separate sections for each series and movie, starting the 20th century, and mentioning the return to the moon during the 21st century by the Constellation Program.  Oops!  I guess this was an alternate universe where Obama did not cancel Constellation.  I only noticed year numbers, no stardates, although I did not pay that much attention, since I'm already familiar with Star Trek chronology, and I was more interested in examining props than reading a bunch of stuff that I can get online.  I did try jumping through the Guardian of Forever to past centuries, but found only this one on the other side, and no Joan Collins.

Stardate 55275.0

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