Deci Clock and Internet Beat apps

There is yet another decimal time app for the iPhone, and an update of a previously reviewed app, both of which display Swatch Internet Time .beats.

Deci Clock was released for free on 2010 April 30 (MJD 55316) by Daniel Stone @ Von Nostrum Games. The app actually displays Swatch Internet Time .beats counting from zero at 23:00 UTC, although nowhere do they say so or give any explanation of the time zone, except for a pop-up when you start the app that says:
Deci Clock

There is no escape the inevitability
of the truth. Welcome to the
decimalization of time...
We have all been calibrated to
Central European Time - GMT +1.
One World, One Time.
The time is displayed in  white LED font with the .beats/millidays/decimal minutes to two decimal places (centibeats/decimal seconds) on an artistic sci-fi background, in portrait mode only, and without the @ sign.  The app includes the following features:
  • Skins Six different sci-fi backgrounds can be selected.
  • Time Zones This is identical to the World Clock feature in the iPhone's built-in clock app, displaying non-decimal 12-hour clocks for different world cities.
  • Timer The same as the built-in clock app, but you can select 1-999 .beats to count down instead of hours and minutes.
  • Stopwatch Same as built-in clock app, but counts .beats and centibeats.
Internet Beat (opens iTunes) by Thomas Cherry was updated to version 1.1 on 2010 May 2 (MJD 55318).  This fixes the bug I reported earlier that caused the display to be a half a .beat fast in portrait mode.  Apparently, there was also some bug that only appeared in the Eastern Hemisphere, which has also been fixed.  It's still a free app, and it seems that the other Swatch .beat app that was not free is no longer available.

MJD 55320.441

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