dTime app by Cyberlab

Yet another decimal time app has appeared in the iTunes app store, dTime by Cyberlab, (opens iTunes) currently for free.  This one displays a simple analog clock dial with 100 marks around the edge, with the corresponding digital time displayed below.

The digital time is divided into three fields, each field having two digits.  The first unit is called "kar" (I don't know why) which is equal to one centiday or 14.4 minutes.  The next unit is called "mnit" and is equal to 100 microdays or 8.64 seconds.  The third unit is unnamed and is equal to one microday or 86.4 milliseconds.

The analog dial has three hands.  The "kar" hand makes a complete rotation once per day, just like a French revolutionary clock, but it points straight down at midnight (00) represented by a black circle, and straight up at midday (50) represented by a white circle.  The "mnit" hand makes one rotation every "kar", which makes it ten times faster than the minute hand of a revolutionary clock, and again points down for 00 and up for 50.  Then there is a little hand offset from the others, which makes a rotation once every "mnit", although this hand points up when the units are 00 and down for 50.

The Cyberlab web site has a Belgian domain and is in French, which is ironic since the authors seem unaware of French decimal time, and have reinvented the wheel.  C'est la vie!

MJD 55350.423


  1. (I'm still alive, been REALLY busy, post-quake and two months of more than usual helping out around here...)

    dTime wasn't free, initially- Can't remember if it was first offered for $0.99 or $1.99. Nevertheless, I grabbed it when it became free....


  2. That's why I said, "currently free". I first noticed it last week but did not have time to post right away. I don't know if it will remain free, so I also grabbed it...

  3. I do remember seeing the Flash version of their clock several years ago-- with the 0 at the bottom, which I kept the SWF for my own clock collection. Certainly one of the odder clocks, in my opinion.


  4. Never heard of French decimal time !

    -'Kar' because it's almost a quarter.
    -dtime will always be free

    dTime was a test application developed with Titanium in one day.