There's a new catchall term for what has heretofore been called the iPhone OS, which is also used on the iPod Touch and iPad: iOS.  So from now on I will call these simply iOS devices.  This comes with the announcement of the new iPhone 4, which will run iOS 4.0.  I might get the iPhone 4, since my wife has been bugging me for one, so she'll either get my old phone or we might even share an iPad.  The flash and sharper display are nice (especially when the Netflix app is released) as would be the front-facing camera if I had anybody to use it with who also has an iPhone 4, but the iPad's large display would be a lot better to use at home, even though it costs at least $300 more.

Either way, I look forward to using iOS 4.0 on my current iPhone 3GS when it becomes available on July 21 (55351).  It has a couple of useful features, including multitasking and folders.  I really need these, and had to "jailbreak" my iPhone to get them before.  However, there are other things I'll probably still need to jailbreak my iPhone for, such as listening to podcasts through my mono Bluetooth.

Of course, there are some other great phones available now, but I've become accustomed to my iPhone, and so far as I know there aren't very many decimal time apps, although I have heard that there is one for Android.  I'm not an Apple fanboy, and I've never had bought an Apple product before my current iPhone, but I do love the iOS platform.

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