Salut et Fraternité app for iPhone by Brumaire

Another decimal time app for iOS iPhone.  Salut et Fraternité (opens iTunes) is very similar to Calendrier, as it shows the Republican calendar date and decimal time below art from the French Revolution, namely a famous depiction of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.  It also allows conversion both to and from Republican calendar dates, while Calendrier only converts from Gregorian to Republican.  It also displays the decimal time on a simulated antique watch with animated hands.

Although similar to Calendrier, Brumaire has offered versions of their Salut et Fraternité software for years.  Like the other versions, the app calculates dates by inserting a leap day before every year divisible by four (except century years).  This makes it continuous with historical dates from the First Republic, when each year started on the autumnal equinox, resulting in leap days at the end of years 3, 7 and 11.  Calendrier gives two different options, either to have current years begin on the equinox, or Romme's proposal to insert a leap day at the end of every year divisible by four, although the implementation of this is buggy.  It just happens that dates for this year (ER 218) are the same for all three methods.

[Salut et Fraternité is $1.99]

MJD 55373.487
Octidi 8 Messidor an CCXVIII à 4hd 94md t.m.P.

Update: (55441.294, Sextidi 16 Fructidor an CCXVIII à 3hd t.m.P.) Version 1.1 has dropped in the App Store, featuring calendar girl images for each month from the Revolution, optional seasonal images on the Convert and Genealogy tabs, and an option for Arabic instead of Roman numerals.  Also, swiping on the settings tab brings up bios for calendar creators Gilbert Romme and Fabre d'Eglantine and a gallery of calendar girls, with text of the associated poems in French.  Complementary days, which are in a couple of weeks/décades, still show the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

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