Android Decimal Time app

This blog is not just about iPhones!   Jon tweeted about an app on Android, so I asked him for a review, which you can read below.

Hi John,

Thanks for messaging me to ask for a review of the only Decimal Time app for Android.

As you can see from the screenshot (from my HTC Tattoo running Android 1.6 - attached) it's a *very* simple app showing solely the 24h time and the decimal time equivalent.

Like several of the apps you've mentioned for iOS it does suffer from the skipped dsecond issue every now and again.

There are no settings, nada!

The android market is improving and increasing rapidly and I hope there will be more Decimal Time apps in future.

Marketplace link (for android devices) market://search?q=pname:com.fxndev.decimaltime
URL for a marketplace listing. http://androidapplications.com/43094-decimal-time
Also attached is a QR code link that will take an android device straight to the marketplace download link.
Jon @wolfpupjon on twitter
(Sent: MJD 55412.663125)


  1. This must be the first decimal time app made for the Android! What's next? HTC? Blackberry?

  2. It's an Android app, so it'll work on any HTC phone running the Android OS.

  3. anyway to set up for postal decimal time?
    ex: 4:30:30 pm to postal 16:50:50?

  4. That's a different type of decimal time. I don't know of anything on Android but there is an iPhone app.

  5. Now only if someone would make an android app to display NASA/NORAD TLE Date time! :)

  6. Awesome app I discovered as of 20130821 called Geek Clock Tool. Even has a widget for decimal time!!!