Dezimal zeit uhr

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That's a decimal time watch made by Rainer Nienaber of Bünde, Germany, who produces unusual hand-made watches and clocks.  As with French decimal clocks, hours are marked 1 to 10 on the inner circle, minutes up to 100 on the outer circle.  Nienaber's web page says "1 day = 10 hours" but this picture taken at a show earlier this year in Basel says "1 tag = 2 x 10 Stunden".  If you're looking for a decimal watch that's not made by Swatch, this is it, although it will probably set you back a few thousand more!

MJD 55419.939

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  1. That's a neat analog decimal watch. Lucky, it's not from Swatch. If I see an analog or digital decimal clock/watch in the clock shop that is affordiable, I'll get it. And it will NOT be from Swatch.