Decimal Clock app for iPhone by Michael Behan

Decimal Clock is a simple app which displays an analog decimal clock, with the decimal time in digital underneath, on a green background with diagonal stripes.  There are no other options or features.  There is a 10 at the top of the clock, as with French clocks, but the digital display starts at 00.00.00, except a brief moment when it says 10.00.00.  The app costs $0.99.

There's an ad that's one of those autogenerated videos like that GEICO commercial at www.headoverflow.com.

MJD 55510.453

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  1. You mean this ad?


    While I'm at it, here's David Van-Cauter's "Decimal Clock" poem, which is based on decimalised, rather than decimal, hours:


    Not sure if the app's worth the $.99, BTW....