Stardate apps for Android

As promised, here are some stardate apps and widgets.


Android apps

In the past I've written about a lot of iOS apps. I did not write about Android apps simply because I didn't have an Android device. But I got a Motorola Moto G some time ago, so I might as well write about Android apps now.


Times on this site

Someone asked what decimal time format I prefer, so I figure it's time I explain again the ones used on this site.



I like to listen to podcasts, often while on road trips while others are listening to music on the car stereo. Five years ago I posted about some Bluetooth headphones. Since then I've tried various ones. Recently my wife bought me a S530. I must say that it's amazing! It may be just as good as some of the other mono Bluetooth headphones, but it costs only $6-8. It supports the A2DP audio profile, so you can listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts, and it supports the AVRCP profile for remotely controlling audio/video controls, e.g. pause, play, etc. And it uses Bluetooth V4.0 with the low-energy standard. It may not have as long of a battery life as the others, but that's because it's tiny!


Spring break

The vernal equinox arrives tonight at 04:29:51 UT (57467.18740). That's 9:30 pm on Saturday night here in California. It means that I am officially on Spring Break, so I'll have more time to post here for the next week, if I don't get called for jury duty. It also means that holidays are coming for all my Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish relatives.


Eliminate time zones, while we're at it

Someone just edited the Wikipedia article on Swatch Internet Time to add a link to this TechRepublic article from from last year. The article doesn't say anything new, but it does talk about the problems with time zones and Daylight Saving Time that Internet Time was supposed to solve, which happens to be apropos to the DST post I wrote yesterday.


Saving daylight

It happened again today. I lost 4% of a day of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time. We didn't have it when I was growing up in Indiana; it just meant that all our TV shows shifted in their schedules. My mom also grew up in Indiana, which now has DST, but now she lives in Arizona, which doesn't; coincidence? Nobody I know seems to like it. So why do we have Daylight Saving Time?


The real leap day

This year, 2016, is a leap year in the Gregorian calendar, so we had an extra day inserted last month. It is usually thought that this day is inserted at the end of the month, since the last day is the 29th day of February. However, the leap day is actually inserted on the 24th day! Let me explain...

Why am I here?

My last post was the first one in over a year, and it got three comments, which is more than I've seen in a very long time. It reminds me of the halcyon days of the 2000s.


10 hours a day, 10 days a week

I now have a decimal clock with 10 hours and French Republican wall calendar with 10 days a week. Instead 24/7 I can do 10/10!

As you can tell from the position of the hands, it's really a standard clock with a faux decimal face, so the hour hand goes around twice a day and the other hands like usual, but it looks cool. I used a gift card from my secret Santa to get the clock from Cafe Press and bought the calendar from Etsy. You can see more pictures on Twitter.

Duodi 22 Pluviôse an CCXXIV à 9 heures 53 minutes décimales t.m.P.
MJD 57429.947