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In the past I've written about a lot of iOS apps. I did not write about Android apps simply because I didn't have an Android device. But I got a Motorola Moto G some time ago, so I might as well write about Android apps now.

I noticed that there seems to be more decimal time apps for Android than iOS. This may be because there is a lower barrier to entry. You do not have to pay anything to develop for Android, nor do you need a Macintosh computer, and it's easier to get apps published, so there is more freedom to play around without worrying about a return on investment. I thought about making one of my own, but haven't had the time. I've also noticed that the iOS apps are mostly very old, and have not been updated. This is indicative of issues with the Apple App Store generally.

These are just the free apps. There are enough that I don't feel it necessary to spend money on them. Later I'll post the stardate and Swatch .beat apps.

DeciTime App&Widget
AndInd Software 
v1.0.1 Jan 9, 2015 (57031)
Includes alarms, converter and timer.
Clock displays millidays (mday) and microdays (μday): 123.456
Widget just displays mday with one decimal, e.g. 123.4 mday

Decimal Clock
v1.4 Aug 6 2015 (57240)
Has both app clock and widget, which display gold digitsi a grey rectangle.
Uses "Munich Decimal Time", which is GMT+1, like Swatch. Alternately, "heretic mode" displays decimal time in your local time zone, including DST, although this seems to be buggy.
There are three formats:
Long (h.mm.ss)
Short (h.mm)
Percent (hm.mss%)

Decimal Time
AKOS Development
v2.1 Aug 30, 2013 (56534)
Clock 01:34:56 with frc date
Leading 0 0h:mm
Timer, stopwatch
Widget 01:23

Decimal Time
FxN Dev
v1.0 Apr 13, 2011 (55664)
Very basic, the app just shows "normal time" along with decimal time. The decimal time has a leading 0, even though the latest time is 09:99:99.

Decimal Time Clock Widget
Lucas Tulio
v1.4.1 Feb 26, 2015 (57079)
Is actually 2 widgets, one digital and the other analog. The analog one is a translucent grey disk with an arc around it corresponding to the time of day, with the digital decimal time displayed inside with the date. The decimal time is in 100ths of a day, each divided into 100, e.g. 01:23.
Dates are either Gregorian or Asimov's World Season Calendar.

v1.2 Apr 16, 2012 (56033)
App displays h.mm over the default wallpaper. Has two widgets, with with just decimal time (h.mm) and the other with both decimal and 12-hour time.

French Revolutionary Calendar
Carmen Alvarez
v1.8.1  Sep 22, 2015 (57287) (CCXXIV/1/1)
This is a set of three widgets. Two are fancy scrolls with cursive font, one horizontally aligned, one vertical. The third is in normal font without a background. They display the current Republican Calendar date, e.g. Octidi 8 Germinal 224, according to either the Romme or equinox method, as selected in settings, and can display either the rural calendar day name or the decimal time (h:mm).

Geek Clock Tool
v1.35 Jul 12, 2015 (57215)
Displays the time of day one of 8 different formats, including decimal time: h.mm.ss, both analog and digital. The widget displays an analog dial, or both analog and digital (h.mm), but without seconds. The clock face can be white, translucent, or transparent.

v1.0 Apr 8 2013 (56390)
This app is a colorful animated analog clock dial, which displays CentiDays and MilliCentiDays. (sic)

LogiClock - Metric Time
v1.10 Oct 1, 2012 (56201)
The app includes an alarm, timer, stopwatch and world clocks. There are four different analog clock faces to choose from. The widget has two hands and the option of also showing the digital time (h:mm). The app shows digital time (h:mm.ss) and analog time with either 3 or 4 hands. The fourth one spins around like crazy!

Metric Clock Widget
Dan Perron
v1.1 Sep 13, 2010 (55452)
This widget shows large, 7-element digits. There are no settings. There is always a leading 0, for some reason,0h:mm.

T. taxus
v1.2 May 25, 2013 (56437)
This app shows the Republican Calendar date, with rural day name, with the decimal time (h:mm:ss). 
Includes a Gregorian to Republican converter. Dates are one day ahead of the equinox method.
Settings: French, Carlyle's English or satirical English month names.

Ultimate Clock
v1.0 Apr 12, 2012 (56029)
The app shows both 12-hour and decimal time. The widget just decimal. This is another one with a leading 0 (0h.mm.ss).

MJD 57474.323

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